Seven Core Wire
Seven Core Wire

Seven Core Wire

We offer OEM and ODM service. All the factors like size, color, section, connector, standard, ring quantity, spiral diameter and length can be customized. Besides, we can produce according to your drawing.

Inner: High quality red copper wires

Cover: high quality PVC

Outer: 100% raw material PU

Seven Core Color: white, yellow, black, red, green, brown, blue

Sheath color: Black,Gray,etc. but other colors are available

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Seven Core Wire is an advanced wire that used to control all the lights including brake light, turn light, flash light, fog light and other lights. The Seven Core Wire wire is to replace the 4 core wire, 5 core wire and 6 core wire, which means it has more functions. 4 core wire can just supply power for lights, while Seven Core Wire leaves space for auxiliary power, backup light and brake.

Each of the wire has two connectors on the both sides and the voltage could be 12V or 24V. The connectors can be customized.

Some suppliers use brass as the wire, but we OrientFlex use red copper which has stronger conductivity.

Seven Core Wire Application:

Seven Core Wire is mainly used in brake systems and taillight control system in cars, trucks, trailer and many other large vehicles as well as marine.

Seven Core Wire Standards:

DIN, SMMT, ISO and SAE are available.

White wire: 31

Black: 58L

Yellow: L/

Red: 54

Green: R

Brown: 58R

Seven Core Wire Specifications

Item Code Ring Quantity Spiral Diameter (mm) Length (m) Image Item Code Ring Quantity Spiral Diameter (mm) Length (m) Image
RT80-22 22 75 6.9 Seven Core Wire RT80-26 26 75 7.4 Seven Core Wire
RT80-30 30 75 7.9 Seven Core Wire RT80-32 32 75 8.5 Seven Core Wire
RT90-22 22 85 7.2 Seven Core Wire RT90-26 26 85 8.4 Seven Core Wire
RT90-30 30 85 9.4 Seven Core Wire RT90-32 32 85 10.0 Seven Core Wire
RT110-30 30 105 11.2 Seven Core Wire RT110-32 32 105 12.0 Seven Core Wire

Seven Core Wire Fitting

Seven Core Wire Fitting

Why OrientFlex is your Unique Manufacturer and Supplier

1. Competitive Price: The mature supply chain system, advanced equipment and technology ensure that our products are highly competitive in cost and price.

2. Superior Quality: Quality supervision on whole process of production from raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, warehousing till container loading.

3. On-Time Delivery: The mature logistics management system and company self owned freight forwarder ensure that our OTD rate reaches 100%.

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