what happens if air intake hose breaks

Aug 23, 2022

  Air intake hose rupture will cause damage, do not know how to repair the intake hose rupture, after reading this article, you will understand.

  What is an air intake hose?

  Automobile intake hose is also known as intake pipe, air pipe, air filter hose, rubber pipe, plastic pipe, etc.It is an important part connecting the car air filter box and throttle.

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  what happens if air intake hose breaks?
It will lead to vehicle shaking, engine power insufficiency, fuel consumption, engine failure light lighting, need to be checked or replaced as soon as possible to the maintenance station. The engine intake hose is generally located between the throttle and the engine intake valve, the intake pipe is the total intake pipeline, the intake manifold will distribute air to the cylinder to support combustion, gas through the carburetor gasoline atomization, with the air into the cylinder.

what happens if air intake hose breaks

  A ruptured air intake hose symptoms the following:

  1. If the intake hose is damaged, it will suck in sediment, which will cause the engine to pull the cylinder, the engine intake will be less, the fuel combustion will not be sufficient, and the power will be insufficient.

  2. The intake pipe is damaged, air leakage, dust directly enters the cylinder without filtering, and the engine wears at an early stage.

  3. There will be problems with noise and changes in intake pressure.

  4. If it is in the front section of the air filter, it has little effect. If it is in the rear section of the air filter, it will be replaced. After a long time, the throttle valve will be very dirty, and it will affect the service time of the engine and cause problems such as engine carbon deposition!

  Therefore, when the intake hose is found to be damaged, it must be replaced in time.

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  How much does it cost to replace air intake hose?

  Cost of air intake hose.Intake hose prices generally vary according to the particular year, make and model of the vehicle.

  The labor cost of purchasing the original parts and replacing them ranges from 300 to 500 yuan.

  The cost of purchasing adaptive parts (not original parts) and replacement parts may stay around 100-200 yuan and not more.

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  The intake hose is an important part of the car, Replacing a ruptured intake hose is important to prevent engine overheating, fuel contamination, and gas mileage!

  Learn more and contact us to purchase your air intake hose today!

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