What’s the Reason for Aging of silicone Products?

Jan 25, 2022

Why do silicone products age? What is the reason for the aging of silica gel products? The aging of silicone products generally occurs in the process of processing, storage and use of polymer materials. Due to various reasons, its established properties gradually change or disappear, thus being scrapped. In general, the main reasons for the aging of silicone products are:

1. External causes: mainly aerobic, oxide, ozone, heat, light, radiation, mechanical fatigue, lack of processing process.

2. Internal reasons: first of all, there are silicone varieties, molding methods, combination degree, varieties of cooperative drugs, silicone products factory processing engineering factors. Secondly, there are unsaturated factors in the internal molecular structure, and various groups such as hydroxyl groups are easy to produce new chemical reactions.

Oxidation is one aspect of the aging of silicone tubes. Oxygen in rubber with silicone molecular aging effect, molecular chain cracking, resulting in silicone function changes. Secondly, silicone in the rain or soaked in water is also very easy to damage. Especially under the condition of water immersion and atmospheric exposure, it will accelerate the aging of silicone tube.

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