The important role of braided wire in silicone tube

Aug 02, 2022

Silicone tubes are widely welcomed for their environmentally friendly and non-hazardous properties. Silicone wire hoses are one of the most widely used products. Silicone wire hoses are typically lined with four layers of braided wire and a layer of stainless steel wire. Many people don't know why silicone wire hoses contain braided wire. As a professional silicone manufacturer, let's give a brief introduction:
The braided wire in the steel wire silicone tube mainly has the following functions.
1. Braided wire has a good integration effect. Silica gel materials are widely used in food, pharmaceutical and high-clean industries for their special chemical stability. They are used to transport high-purity liquids without affecting the transport materials. However, due to their special chemical properties, they are difficult to integrate with other substances. During the high-temperature fusion process of platinum-based curing agent, the braided wire plays an important role in promoting the fusion of silica gel and steel wire to prevent the separation of silica gel and steel wire.
The important role of braided wire in silicone tube
2. Braided wire can make food grade silicone tube have better pressure resistance. The steel wire and the silica gel are continuously wound by a four-layer braided wire, and the braided wire is completely integrated with the steel wire, and the sanitary hose has a strong pressure resistance, just like the principle of reinforced concrete. In general, braided silk food grade silicone tubing has twice the load carrying capacity of food grade silicone tubing without braided yarn.
3. Braided wire can make the appearance of sanitary food grade hose smoother. Because the sanitary hose is a pure hand-woven process, there are inevitably some traces on the outer wall of the hose during the production process, but the braided wire can handle the flexibility of the silicone and make the hose surface smooth. Easy to clean.
Food Grade Silicone Hose
The above is the important role of the braided wire in the silicone wire hose that our company has summarized for you. I hope it will help everyone. Learn more about silicone products.

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