The higher the transparency of the silicone tube the better?

Jan 24, 2022

Silicone tubes are items that are often used in production and life. However, many people have some misconceptions about silicone tubes. The blind pursuit of transparency in silicone tubes is a common mistake.

Many people do not hesitate to buy high-transparency silica gel products at high prices, and the results are not good. As a professional silicone tube manufacturer, let's analyze the relationship between transparency and quality of silicone tube.
In general, medical grade silicone tubes are more transparent than food grade silicone tubes. Food grade silicone tubes are more transparent than industrial grade silicone tubes. Generally speaking, the higher the transparency, the better the silicone tube, but this is not absolute.

Because the color of itself is translucent, if it is made into a high transparent silicone tube, it will change the physical structure of the silicone rubber itself, which will change the parameters and ultimately affect the service life of the silicone tube. In theory, it can be very transparent, but this is unrealistic, which is determined by the nature of the silicone rubber material. The silicone tube itself is foggy, unlike other PVC pipes, the transparency is very high. So everyone chooses the silicone tube, or you should choose the right silicone tube according to your actual requirements.

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