The difference between ordinary and platinum silicone tube

Jul 14, 2022

       Silicone tube is a commonly used hose in everyone's daily life. Generally, silicone tube is divided into three categories: industrial (general), medical (platinum), and food (platinum).
       The difference between ordinary silicone tube and platinum silicone tube: ordinary silicone tube is vulcanized with silica gel and double-two-four-four vulcanizing agent. It has an odor, is easy to process, and has a high yield. It is suitable for the mechanical industry. Vulcanization molding, odorless, non-toxic, its processing technology is complex, the production output is relatively low, the product characteristics are better, it is widely used in food and medical. Simply put, platinum silicone tube is a silicone tube vulcanized with platinum vulcanizing agent. It is odorless, highly transparent, and is specially used for food contact. It belongs to the highest grade of silicone tube.
silicone tube
       With the development of technology, the production level and production process requirements are becoming more and more strict. At present, most of the silicone tubes on the market are non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly and pollution-free.
Food Grade Steel Wire Hose
     Ordinary industrial grade silicone tubes are mainly used for special environmental protection carriers such as wire casings, precision instruments, oil pipelines, household appliances and other special environmental protection carriers. Platinum medical or food grade silicone tube is mainly used for medical products such as medical silicone tube joints, infusion tubes, medical catheters, small appliances (coffee pots, rice cookers, disinfection cabinet water dispensers, gas appliances, water heaters, etc.) Supporting. No matter what level of silicone tube, it plays a major role in industry and daily life.

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