The Application of Transparent Silicone Tube in Beverage Tra

Aug 02, 2022

The transparent silicone tube has the use condition in the beverage transportation. With the continuous increase of the use range, the silicone tube can be used in many aspects, and has been very recognized.

Application fields have been summarized more than 90% of the industry, food, medical treatment and so on is no exception, because of the superior performance of silicone tube. It has cold and high temperature resistance, weak acid and alkali resistance, harmless, non-toxic and tasteless;

High transparency, high elasticity, strong UV resistance; Good elasticity, kink resistance, soft, chemical stability, physiological inertia, non-toxic to the human body, no stimulation, hydrophobic, breathable, excellent resilience, permanent deformation and other characteristics.

The silicone tube can be used in - 50 degrees to 250 degrees, used in beverage and food machinery production in the process of transporting, conveying water, conveying liquid, gas, and other ancillary connection best choice, beverage production of raw materials and a wide variety, scope of drinks contain filling (tea, juice, wine, dairy products, sauces, vegetables, spices), such as raw material composition is different, different processing technology. So that the beverage machinery products variety, specificity strong.

The transparent silicone tube

Throughout the beverage machinery market in China, the problems still need to be solved in the beverage machinery industry in China are as follows: First, emphasis is placed on beverage filling equipment, and only attaches importance to the provision of large equipment, and does not pay attention to the development of small equipment. Second, China's beverage machinery product quality and service quality still need to be further improved. Third, the lack of market competition rules, disorderly competition phenomenon.

Transparent silicone tube has the use conditions in the beverage delivery. The grade of mechanical accessories and other supporting food is becoming more and more strict. The performance and environmental protection grade of the silicone tube has far exceeded that of plastic, plastic and other materials. The silicone tube has become an essential supporting product in the beverage industry.

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