Silicone tube production process

Jan 24, 2022

Silicone tube is a product we often use in our lives, so do you know the production process of silica gel? As a professional silicone tube manufacturer, I will tell you how our company produces silicone tubes.

First, the rubber is mixed: the rubber material is mixed in a double stick rubber mixer, and the double-four or platinum vulcanizing agent or the silica gel color master is added for kneading, and pressed into a layer of uniform thickness silica gel extrudate.
Next extrusion molding: The mold is mounted on the head of the silicone extruder. The finished compound is cut into the same size and length so that it is convenient to feed from the inlet of the extruder. Then, it was fed through a silica gel extruder, and the extruded but very soft silicone tube was placed, and the silicone tube was placed in an 8-meter long drying tunnel and vulcanized at a high temperature. The silicone tube that passes through the drying tunnel can be semi-finished and then entangled.

Then high temperature vulcanization: the wrapped silicone tube is placed in the oven, ordinary silica gel 180 degrees, gas phase silicone tube 200 degrees, high temperature 2 hours, secondary vulcanization to remove the odor on the silicone tube, prevent blooming and yellowing.
Finally, the subsequent processing: the rest is to cut or bond and other subsequent processing according to the length of the customer's needs. Then package and ship to customers according to requirements.

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