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Aug 16, 2022

Please allow me to introduce the silicone hump tube for you. The common silicone hump hose is the silicone single hump hose. As the name suggests, there is only one hump of the silicone hose, which we call it “silicone single hump hose”. There is also a silicone hump hose that can be added with a steel ring. The silicone hump tube has the effect of shock absorption and pressure resistance. Therefore, it is also one of the very popular types of automotive silicone tubes.

hump silicone hose

If you often buy car silicone hose, then you should know that the silicone hump hose has more customized “contents” because of different sizes, different numbers of steel rings, etc. Compared with other silicone tubes, in addition to color, wall thickness, number of reinforced layers, and dimensions, silicone hump tubes can also be customized with or without steel rings. The overall length of the tube, etc., can be customized.

Due to the difference in size, number of steel rings and spacing between each steel rings, it also brings us new challenges. For us Orientflex, these can be solved, we have hundreds of sets of molds, which can easily solve the size and customization services you need. If there are special requirements, we also have the strength and ability to customize the mold for you. Customize your own printed logo freely, and more.

It is our excellent customized silicone hose service that stabilizes our cooperation with old customers and attracts new customers. The picture shows the hump hose provided for customers in Southeast Asia: If you have any related needs for automotive silicone hose, please contact us, we have a professional team to serve you.

hump hose
silicone hump hose

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