Is silicone hose chemical resistant?

Jul 26, 2022

Silicone hose is very common in life and has a wide range of applications. Recently, someone left a message to ask Is Silicone Hose chemical resistant? Today I will give you a detailed explanation.
First of all, Silicone hose is a kind of imported high quality silicone rubber, scientific formula and advanced technology processing and production of products. Silicone tube high temperature resistance, aging resistance, environmental protection, non-toxic and odorless, at room temperature environment can be used for more than ten years.OrientFlex produce hoses and other products with the best material and advanced equipment. Our specific inspection system make sure that the hose will be inspected from material to finished product. In addition, we have professional test experts to test all the factors of our products. We test each hose to guarantee a 100% qualification.
But it should be noted that there are many varieties of uncured silicagel, and forming condensation type, etc., a simple example: condensation type has deacidified silica gel, curing will produce acetic acid (acetic acid) molecules, on some materials like stone, iron and other materials have corrosion. There are also some silica gel in curing is not produced or produced neutral molecules, no radiation or slight corrosion. It is worth noting that if the uncured silica gel is not carefully exposed to the eyes, it should be washed immediately with a large amount of water, and the silica gel should be removed as soon as possible after contact with the skin. Because most of the silica gel has metal catalysts and crosslinking hardeners with high activity, these substances still have some harm to the human body.
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