How do we pack the silicone hose?

Aug 05, 2022

For enterprises that have cooperated with us or future partners, they will want to know, "How do we pack the Silicone hose if I want to purchase large quantities?" Ensure that the product is not damaged. Next, Orientflex answers for you.
First of all, as a professional silicone hose supplier. There is a strict package system. We give priority to the interests of customers and have our own solutions for different needs of customers to ensure that the goods received by customers are intact.
How do we pack the silicone hose?
For packaging, we have standard packing and customized packing.


For standard packing, the silicone hoses will be packed with plastic films/pieces, then put into the cartons. Then with woven bags and packing belts to fix the carton, so as to be more sturdy, not easily broken during the transportation.
For the customize packing, you can tell us the needed packing details, we can pack as your request, for example, the OE cartons, special shipping mark design,etc.
The foregoing is to answer the questions about How do we pack the Silicone hose? I hope this collation will be helpful to you. If you are looking at silicone hose manufacturers, please consider us for a product quotation.


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