Brief introduction of common hose material in automobile

Dec 20, 2019

High-pressure hoses are used in automobile braking systems, air-conditioning systems, sunroof drainage systems, etc., do you know what materials these common high-pressure hoses are made of in cars? As a professional automobile hose manufacturer, I will introduce the high-pressure hose materials commonly used in automobiles.
First, Brake hose
The main materials of automobile brake hoses are EPDM and neoprene (EPDM, CR). EPDM is resistant to brake fluid, not resistant to oil, and has good low temperature resistance. CRDM is resistant to brake fluid, oil, and low temperature.
Second, the air conditioning hose
The main materials of automotive air-conditioning hoses are EPDM and chlorinated butyl rubber (EPDM, CIIR). This material has low permeability and high bonding strength with nylon layer
Third, the sunroof drain pipe
The main materials of common sunroof drainage pipes for automobiles are polyvinyl chloride, EPDM, polypropylene + EPDM (PVC, EPDM, PP + EPDM), PVC is recyclable, low temperature is hard, EPDM is not recyclable, and resistant to low temperature Good performance, PP + EPDM can be recycled, low temperature resistance is good, but the cost is higher.
The above is the knowledge of automobile hoses introduced to everyone. Understanding the materials of high-pressure hoses commonly used in automobiles will help you choose the correct way to overhaul and maintain them, thereby extending the life of the automobile.

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