3 Steps Teach You How To Tell The Quality Of Auto Silicone Hose

Aug 11, 2022

  Silicone hose is widely used in the field of automobile, There are a lot of automobile silicone hose manufacturers on the market. How to tell the quality of auto silicone hose?OrientFlex gives you the following three steps on how to determine the quality of silicone hose.


  Step 1: The color

  The good quality of Silicone Hose, the percent of each materials for the silicone is reasonable.

  The color is bright color, it looks very new,even you use some time,with very good gloss.

       Automobile silicone hose mainly depends on the quality of silica gel raw materials, good raw materials produced out of the hose quality will be good.

  Step 2:The Feel

  The good quality of Silicone Hose, when you touch the surface of the silicone hose, it feels very smooth,you will not feel bump.

  Step 3:The Taste

  The good quality of silicone hose, when you put it in front of your nose,it only has a very light smell, but the bad quality silicone hose, it has the very heavy pungent odor

  Besides, the good quality of silicone hose,can bear the high temperature from -60 to 260,it has long working life,can can bear the brust pressure like 2.5Mpa

  OrientFlex is a best silicone hose manufacturer in China. To find out more about their silicone hose product range.Request a quote.If you have other better ways to identify the car silicone tube is good or bad, welcome to leave a comment.

       Below is our silicone hose:


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