Application of Silicone Tube in the

Application of Silicone Tube in the car

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hose has excellent insulation, heat resistance, oil resistance, aging resistance and other characteristics, can improve the performance of various parts of the car, almost all aspects of the automotive industry. Silicone rubber for automotive gaskets and other seals for the car from the headlamps to the oil filter and other devices to provide a strong, durable seal protection, leak-proof durability, at extreme temperatures and pressures will not appear cracks or rupture; In the connector, you can protect the car connector, including electrical plugs, including electrical connections, to avoid moisture and corrosion; for the spark plug protective cover, to avoid spark plug splashing, moisture and adhesion dust, which is good for the ignition system to run Is important, but also has good electrical insulation properties and heat resistance; for heat sinks, heat exchangers and water pump gaskets, to ensure that these parts in the process of transport antifreeze from corrosion; can also be used for cylinder head gasket Sheet, hood, valve cover, oil pump or oil pan, to improve its oil silicone hoses