AN3 Brake Hose
AN3 Brake Hose

Brake Hose Assembly AN3 :

Inner tube: high quality PTFE/PA

Reinforcement: Stainless steel/yarn braid

Cover: colorful and transparent PU

AN3 Brake Hose Application:

PA AN3 brake hose assembly is mostly used to refit electrical mobile, mountain bike and motorcycle. While PTFE AN3 brake hose assembly is mostly used to refit high-end car. It’s an necessary part of race car. Besides, it can be widely used in gas transfer, chemical pipeline, high temperature and pressure industry and electronic machine.

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Product Introduction

Differences between PTFE and PA AN3 Brake Hose Assembly:

The temperature range of PA brake hose is -40℃-120℃, while it’s -60℃-260℃ of PTFE brake hose

PTFE brake hose assembly has better bend radius and flexibility

PTFE is flame retardant, but PA can be ignited

AN3 Brake Hose Assembly Description:

Strong acid, alkali and organic solvent is one of the main properties of PTFE. Thus it can transfer all the chemicals. Besides, it has the smallest friction coefficient among all the plastics which is only 0.04. Moreover, it has the longest lifespan among the plastics. Therefore, it’s regarded as the “King of plastics”.

PTFE brake hose is originally used on the airplane as the hydraulic part. Because of the great low expansion property at high temperature, it provides excellent hydraulic transmission effect. Then, the hydraulic force from general brake pump can entirely force the branches to provides stable brake force. Besides, the metal layer is hard to break, which greatly reduces the brake failure caused by leakage or damage. Thus PTFE brake hose provides you the security guarantee.

AN3 brake hose Chracteristics:

High and low temperature resistant

High pressure and ozone resistant

Flexible with small bend radius

Aging resistant without distortion

Excellent chemical stability and corrosion resistance

Long lifespan

AN3 brake hose assembly from OrientFlex is a coming man on the market. It’s your necessity to refit your brake system and race car.

Inch mm mm Bar PSI Bar PSI g/m
3/32 2.2 5.5 276 4000 1104 16000 50
1/8 3.2 7.5 276 4000 1104 16000 65

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