Honda Accord

Honda air intake hose

Material: airtight EPDM rubber

Processing customization: Yes

Whether cross-border export for exclusive supply: Yes

Accessory number: Telephone consultation

OrientFlex supply customized services. Welcome to send us drawing/samples for customization.

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Product Introduction

Orientflex produces air intake hose to meet the market demand .It owns hundreds of models to produce OE Air intake hoses for Germany cars, European cars, Japan Cars, Korean Cars, USA Cars, etc. Fit for a variety of car brands’
Different types of Air Intake Hose products for your Honda at competitive prices to fit your budget.

Product Features:

1. Quality EPDM raw material

2. Easy installation

3. OEM service - for a variety of cars

4. Flat and smooth surface to ensure air flow performance

5. Heat-resistance

6. Samples are available

The main effects of the air intake hose is for high power output. The air intake hose connects the air box or air filter to the engine for taking the air into the engine to ensure the air content of the internal combustion engine. Therefore, the design of air intake hose that reduces drag is very important.

NO. OEM NO. Honda Images NO. OEM NO. Honda Images
1 17228-R60-U00 Honda-17228-R60-A00 Honda 2 17228-RLG-000 Honda Odyssey Honda Odyssey
3 17251-R60-U00 Honda Accord Spinner Honda Accord Spinner 4 17228-RFE-000 Honda Odyssey Honda Odyssey
5 17228-RAC-A00 Honda-17228-RAC-A00 Honda-17228-RAC-A00 6 17228-PNB-J00 Honda CRV Honda CRV
7 17228-5A2-A00 Honda Accord 2012-2017 L4 2.4L Honda Accord 8 17225-R6A-J00 HondaCRV 12-16 Honda CRV
9 17228-R5A-A00 Honda CRV 2005-2006 Honda CRV 10 17228-RAA-A10 Honda Accord 2.4L 2003-2007 Honda Accord 2.4L
11 17228-RCA-A00 Honda Accord V6 3.0L Acura TL
3.2L 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007
Honda Accord V6 12 17228-RAA-A00 WMPHE Honda Accord2.4L
2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Intake Boot
WMPHE Honda Accord
13 17228-PNE-G00 Honda 2002-2004 CRV 2002-2006 Acura RSX Honda CRV Acura RSX 14 17228-PNA-000 Honda RD5 Honda RD5
15 17228-R40-A00 Honda Accord 2.4L 2008-2012 Honda Accord 2.4L 2008-2012 16 17228-5X6-J00 Honda Odyssey 2014-15 Honda Odyssey 2014-15
17 17225-R1A-A01 Honda Civic 12-15 Honda Civic 18 17225-RZP-G00 Honda CRV Honda CRV
19 17228-R42-A00 Honda TF3 Accord 08-12 Honda TF3 Accord 20 17228-RFE-A00 Honda-17228-RFE-A00 Honda-17228-RFE-A00
21 17228-RLG-A00 Honda-17228-RLG-A00 Honda-17228-RLG-A00 22 17228-P8A-A01 1998-2002 Honda Accord CL 3.0L V6 Honda Accord CL 3
23 17228-R60-A00 Honda Accord Honda Accord 24 17228-5G0-A00 Honda Accord 6Cyl 3.5L Honda Accord 6Cyl
25 17228-PFV-000 Honda RA6 Honda Accord Honda RA6 Honda Accord 26 17228-PNE-J0 Honda Acura RSX CRV CR-V Honda Acura RSX CRV CR-V
27 17225-RNA-A0 696-104 Honda Civic 1.8L Honda Civic 1.8L 28 17228-RL6-E00 Honda Accord CU2 Honda Hilux
29 17228-P8F-A00 Honda Odyssey 2001-2003 V6 3.5L Honda Odyssey 2001-2003 30 17228-RGL-A00 2005-2006 Honda Odyssey V6 3.5L 696-020 Honda Odyssey V6 3.5L
31 17228-P0G-A00 Honda Accord 1995-1997 V6 2.7L Honda Accord 1995-1997 32 17228-P0B-A00 Honda Accord DX LX SE1994-1997 L4 2.2L Honda Accord DX LX SE
33 17228-P5M-A00 Honda Prelude 1997-2001 L4 2.2L Honda Prelude 1997-2001 34 17228-PGK-A00 Honda Prelude 1997-2001 L4 2.2L Honda Prelude
35 17228-RYP-A00 Honda Pilot 2006-2008 V6 3.5L Honda Pilot 36 17251-RSA-G00 06-11 Honda DX-G 1.8L L4 Honda DX-G
37 17228-R28-H00 Honda RR7 Elysion 2.4 Honda RR7 Elysion 38 17251-RNA-A00 06-11 Honda DX-G 1.8L L4 Honda DX-G
39 17228-RDA-A00 Acura TL 2007-2008 V6 3.2L 3.5L Acura TL 40 17228-R70-A01 Honda TL TSX Crosstour 10-11 Honda TL TSX Crosstour
41 17251-R1A-A01 Honda-17251-R1A-A01 Honda-17251-R1A-A01 42 17251-RZA-000 Honda CR-V CRV 2007-2009 2.4L Honda CR-V CRV
43 17251-RAA-A00 Honda 03-07 Honda 03-07 44 17251-5A2-A00 Honda V6 14-17 Honda V6
45 17228-RB0-000 Honda-17228-RB0-000 Honda-17228-RB0-000 46 17243-REA-Z00 Honda Fit 03-08
Honda City 07-08
Honda Civic 12-13
Honda Fit
47 17254-RAA-A00 03-05 Honda Accord 2.4L C Honda Accord 2.4L 48 17255-R1A-A01 Honda-17255-R1A-A01 Honda-17255-R1A-A01
49 17228-RGL-A11 2007-09 Honda Odyssey Honda Odyssey 50 17228-RV0-A00 Honda Odyssey 3.5L V6 2007-2017 Honda Odyssey 3.5L
51 17253-R60-U00 Honda Accord CP1/2.0 Honda Accord CP1/2.0 52 17228-RAD-L60
Honda Accord 2.4L 2006-2007 Honda Accord 2.4L
53 17228-RCA-A00 Honda Accord 2003-2007 Honda Acura 2004-2006 Honda Accord 54 17251-RNA-A00 06-11 Honda Civic DX-G 1.8L L4 Honda Civic DX-G

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