How to Choose Silicone Hose Tube Correctly?

How to Choose Silicone Hose Tube Correctly?

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It should be based on specific applications when choose the appropriate silicone hose tube, joint and silicone hose tube assembly. The factors should be considered are: the type, the size, the length, the system working pressure, the system fluid and the use of the environment of silicone hose tube. Please refer to the selection of product standards.

There are various joints of silicone hose tubes, and different joints should be selected according to different types of silica gel tubes. Note: there are two types of silicone tube that need to be stripped and not stripped, and the joint is not the same. The groove of the joint sleeve of the type of stripped rubber should not be too sharp, otherwise it will damage the reinforcement layer of the silicone tube. It is very important for the safety and normal operation of the silicone tube assembly to withhold the joint correctly. There are many types of joints, and appropriate joints should be selected. The design of the socket should be standard and reasonable. Sharp grooves and non-standard sizes will buckle the steel wire reinforcing layer.

We should pay attention to these points when buying silicone hose tubes in the future, and choose the right silicone tubes.