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    The higher the transparency of the silicone tube the better?

    Silicone tubes are items that are often used in production and life. However, many people have some misconceptions about silicone tubes. The blind pursuit of transparency in silicone tubes is a common mistake. Many people do not hesitate to...

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    Silicone tube production process

    Silicone tube is a product we often use in our lives, so do you know the production process of silica gel? As a professional silicone tube manufacturer, I will tell you how our company produces silicone tubes. First, the rubber is mixed: th...

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    Choosing the right silicone tube will save your car

    It is well known that car engines are the most important parts of cars, but do you know the importance of choosing silicone tubes for car maintenance?A few days ago, my friend told me that his car engine was suddenly scrapped just because o...

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    Silicone tube storage precautions

    Silicone tubing is used as a liquid, gas, and other material to circulate and coat the carrier. Widely used in medical and food and beverage, industrial water, electronic equipment, mechanical hardware and other fields. Silicone tubing play...

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    The difference between silicone latex tube and rubber hose

    lets briefly distinguish the concept of these three: First, silicone tube: also known as silicone hose. Used as a liquid, gas and other materials to circulate and coat the carrier. It has high temperature/low temperature resistance, no crac...

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    Brief introduction of silicone tube aging

    Today, I will explain to you some of the major reasons for the aging of silicone tubes. Contact medium aging The silicone molecular tube is exposed to the silicon molecular material used in the natural environment, and is aging due to moist...

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    How to control the hardness of silicone tube

    Silicone tube is a kind of industrial and daily necessities that we usually use. If the product is too soft or the hardness is not in accordance with the use effect, it may cause deformation or poor use of the notch and shorten the life. Th...

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    Silicone hose characteristics and advantages

    I believe that everyone is familiar with tube materials. It is mainly made of rubber and plastic materials. Each application field has different materials. For example, our common hoses mainly include TPU hoses, silicone hoses, PVC hoses, e...