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    The important role of braided wire in silicone tube

    Silicone tubes are widely welcomed for their environmentally friendly and non-hazardous properties. Silicone wire hoses are one of the most widely used products. Silicone wire hoses are typically lined with four layers of braided wire and a...

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    The difference between extrusion and molding silicone tube

    Nowadays, silicone tube is widely used, and it can be divided into extruded silicone tube and molded silicone tube according to different production methods. As a professional silicone manufacturer, we will take you to understand the two pr...

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    How to choose between car silicone tube and PVC hose?

    Automobiles have long been an indispensable means of transportation for us. In order to ensure the efficient operation of automobiles, it is necessary to strictly control the selection of parts and materials to determine which material is m...

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    Silicone product quality judgment standard

    Before you buy a silicone product , you must know if the quality of the is acceptable. The easiest way to smell the smell of the product with your nose is to stretch it back and forth several times to see how elastic the product is. In addi...

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    Quickly identify the quality of silicone products

    Silica gel has good chemical stability and mechanical properties. Silicone products are widely used in all aspects of production and life. However, some unscrupulous merchants have used this ordinary rubber products to pretend to be a silic...

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    Silicone mold surface stripe trace solution

    Many silicone product manufacturers have experienced various phenomena such as streaks, traces, and matte on the surface of the mold when making silicone molds. As a professional manufacturer of silicone products, let me introduce the cause...

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    Characteristics of silicone products

    Silicone products are a kind of products that people often use. As a professional silicone manufacturer, let us introduce the main advantages of silicone products. The raw material of silicone hose is a new type of polymer elastic material....

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    Food grade silicone tube introduction

    The food grade silicone tube is a silicone hose made of aramid wire woven reinforcing support, polyester woven and platinum silica gel. The 316L sanitary joint can be selected at both ends of the hose according to customer requirements. Due...